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"Bee My Honey" lemon shaker pie

“Bee My Honey” Lemon Shaker Pie

2 ½ cups All-purpose flour
½ teaspoon salt
16 ounces salted or unsalted butter, cut into small pieces (if butter is frozen, grate)
8 tablespoons ice water
Mix together gradually adding the ice water. Shape into 2 balls wrapping individually in plastic wrap, refrigerate for at least 20-30 minutes.

5 or 6 Meyer Lemons
1 3/4 cups sugar
¼ cup Clover honey
2 tablespoon all-purpose flour
4 large eggs
1 egg for egg wash
Pinch of salt

Slice lemons paper thin removing seeds as you go. You should end up with about 2 cups of thin slices. Mix the lemon slices with the sugar and honey and refrigerate up to 24 hours stirring several times during this process to mix all together.

To assemble the pie:
Pre-heat oven 350 degrees F.
Roll half the pie dough to line a 9-inch deep-dish pie plate and chill. Roll the other half of the dough for the top crust, sprinkling with flour and folding it into fourths and set aside.

Toss the flour with the lemon slices.
Make the egg wash with 1 egg and pinch of salt and whisk together. Set aside.
In separate bowl, whisk the 4 eggs with a pinch of salt, and add to the lemon slices. Pour the lemon mixture into the chilled pie shell.
Brush edges of pastry shell with the egg wash.
Place top crust onto the pie and trim edges to extend past the pan. Tuck the extra dough under and crimp the edges sealing the filling inside the pie. Cut vents on top crust for steam to escape. Use extra pastry dough to create a design of your choice on top.
Brush with egg wash and sprinkle crust with a tablespoon of granulated sugar.
Bake until brown and the filling is set. Toothpick should come out clean indicates the pie is done.

Pie will keep for 2 – 3 days at room temperature.

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