American Pie Council

2015 National Pie Championships and Pie Learning Center


In 2015 the American Pie Council will be concentrating 100% of its efforts on making great pies even better in the pie industry, restaurants and at home. Because of this, the Great American Pie Festival will be placed on hold this year so that we may make the 2015 Pie Learning Center bigger and better!  So, if you'd like to be a better pie baker- attend the Pie Learning Center on April 10 & 11, 2015. See you there!

Friday, April 10th (Commercial & Professional Bakers) Tentative Schedule

9:00AM - Session 1:  Sensory 101, Michael Kuehne, Pinnacle Foods, 

10:00AM - Session 2:  Pie Trends, Gina Zilleox, Nielsen Perishables Group

11:00AM - Session 3:  Sasa DeMarle presentation 

12:00PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Session 4:  Globe Fillings, Chef Joe DiPaolo, Pinnacle Foods

2:30PM - Session 5: More on Dough, Chef Kim Montello,CRMB, Johnson &Wales University

3:30PM - Session 6:  Kevin Hatline, Alchemy Systems

6:00PM - Awards Ceremony and Pie Reception

Saturday, April 11th (Amateur and Professional) Tentative Schedule:

9:00AM - Session 1: Art of the Pie's Gluten Free Dough, Kate McDermott

10:00AM - Session 2: Faults and Fixes, Susan Bond, Legendary Baking R&D Chef 11:00AM

11:00AM - Session 3: Duncan Hines Talks Pie, Chef Joe DiPaolo, Corporate Chef

Lunch - Pay as you go event

1:00PM - Session 4: Naylet LaRochelle, Holiday Baking Competition

2:00PM - Session 5: Dawn Viola, Orlando Cordon Bleu

3:00PM - Session 6: Sensory Flavors, 101, Michael Kuehne, Pinnacle Foods


6:00PM - Awards Ceremony and Pie Reception

To watch the Great American Pie Festival on Shine from Yahoo, click on the link...

To see  the Great American Pie Festival, click on the link...