American Pie Council

2019 Amateur Entry


Power to the Chick Chicken Pot Pie

Power to the Chick – Chicken pot pie.
1 stick salted chilled - cubed butter
1 ¼ cup all-purpose flour
1 ½ TBs sugar
1 small egg yolk (beaten lightly)
3-4 TBs heavy cream or Half & Half
In a medium bowl whisk flour and sugar together until well blended. Next, with a pastry blender or two butter knives piece up butter into the flour until it’s in small crumbles. In a small bowl lightly beat egg yolk and cream together then drizzle a little at a time over the flour/butter mixture until the mixture can be formed into a ball. Cover with plastic and chill for 2 hours or overnight for best results.
6 TBs salted butter
1 small red onion – chopped
½ cup sweetcorn
½ cup red potatoes (with some skin left on)
½ cup mixed peas and carrots
1 medium stalk of celery – chopped
1 tsp. sea salt
¾ tsp. poultry seasoning
½ tsp. celery seed
¼ tsp. dried rosemary
¼ tsp. thyme
¼ tsp. white pepper
¼ tsp. black pepper
¾ cup Half & Half
1 ¼ cup fresh or store bought chicken or turkey stock
3 TBs flour
½ cup chopped cooked chicken breast
½ cup chopped cooked turkey
1 egg yolk and 2 TBs Half &Half beaten together for egg wash.
In a medium heavy sauce pan cook down vegetables in the 6 TBs of butter until mostly cooked through. While cooking and in a separate bowl, whisk together Half & Half, chicken/turkey stock, flour, and seasonings until there are no lumps. Next, once vegetables have cooked down, add the mixture to the vegetables and stir on medium heat until thickened. Add in chopped turkey and chicken and pour into prepared pie pan. Top quickly, crimp, brush with egg wash, and decorate if desired. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours or until crust is browned and tender.