American Pie Council

2013 Professional Recipe

Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle pie
2013 APC Crisco National Pie Championships Professional Division
1st Place Cream
Michael Anthony Chiarenza, Longwood, FL

1 stick unsalted butter soften
2 cups Brownie Brittle brand crumbs of your choice (pulse into fine crumbs
Combine and press into pie dish.

Pie Filling:
½ cup unsalted butter soft
¾ cup super fine sugar
3 ounces 72% chocolate melted & cooled
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
2 extra large eggs +1 yolk

Cream butter & sugar until really nice and fluffy (don’t rush the time)
Stir in the melted/cooled chocolate and vanilla bean paste
Add eggs and egg yolk one at a time beating after each egg for 4 minutes

Pour filling into chilled shell and cool overnight

Crush butterfinger candy bars (2 large) until fine. Layer on top of the filling
Top with fresh made whipped chocolate mouse (2 cups heavy whipping cream, ¼ cup fine chocolate 72% cocoa) top with brownie brittle pieces

Filling 1:

Filling 2:

Filling 3: