American Pie Council

2013 Amateur APC Crisco® National Pie Championships® Rules

2013 APC Crisco®

National Pie Championships®

Abbreviated Rules and Amateur Entry Form

You Could Win $5,000 and a Crisco® Gift Basket All Entrants receive an Emile Henry Pie Plate

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013

Schedule: Registration 6:30-9:00 AM Brunch 9:00 AM Judging 10:00 – 4:00 PM - Caribe Royale, Orlando FL

Award Ceremony: Lakeside Park Demonstration Celebration, Florida Evaluation of Pies

First Impression: Pre slice score (or topping), after slice score (run juiciness or firmness) and impression of first taste.

A Closer Look: Flavor (appropriate for type of pie), tartness flavors should be balanced with main ingredient of pie, m (Appropriate consistency, i.e. thick, thin, smooth, runny, dry, sticky, etc.), crust (Flaky or mealy) and unpleasant).

Overall Impression: memorable.

Creativity: (For all categories but Crisco creative is the pie.

Innovation: (Only for pies entered into the category) Combines traditional pie baking with new, innovative ideas and techniques. 

Crisco is a registered trademark of The J.M. Smucker Company Comstock and Wilderness are registered trademarks LLC

®National Pie Championships is a registered trademark Council

National Pie Championships® is a registered trademark of The American Pie Council

2013 APC Crisco Amateur NPC Abbreviated Rules:

  • This contest is open to legal residents of the United States and D.C. except Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Vermont, of age or older. No professional chefs, baker economists, students enrolled in a degree program at a cooking school, or any other person who regularly makes pies for pay.
  • Amateurs entering pies must submit their recipe, including crust. Recipes must be original and never before published. Alcohol may not be used in recipes. Recipes must be submitted in English, (Word files only) or mailed or faxed on paper. E-mail recipes to Please include your name and category/subcategory on the recipe.
  • Entries and recipes must be received by be postmarked by 3/28/12 and received by
  • Only dessert pies may be entered in this contest and must include bottom and side crusts.
  • One Grand Prize: One check for $5, basket (ARV: $5,100).
  • One First, Second and Third Place Prize will be awarded in each of the 13 flavor categories listed (with the exception of the Comstock®/Wilderness® Category. First Place Prize: One check for $200 and a Crisco gift basket (ARV $ check for $150 and a Crisco gift basket One check for $100 and a Crisco gift basket
  • For the Comstock®/Wilderness® Category: One First Place Prize: One check for $200 and a Crisco gift basket, a trip to headquarters to spend the day with the corporate chef. (ARV $1930), Four Remaining Subcategory Runner Up Prizes: A check for $100 and a Comstock®/Wilderness® gift basket (ARV $140).
  • To choose the appropriate category, choose the i greatest quantity or strongest flavor to classify your pie.
  • Please note: Crisco Classic Cherry Crisco Innovation Award category must use at least ½ cup of shortening or oil in its recipe. Raisin ca Cream Cheese category must use one Comstock®/Wilderness® category must use on Wilderness® Filling & Topping and at least
  • For safety reasons, all refrigerated pies ma temperature does not exceed 45ºF.
  • Recipes become the property of the American Pie Council and Crisco

Contest is subject to Official Rules. The decision of the judges is final.